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If you want a traditional acoustic piano and buying a new one is not feasible then one option could be buying a used or pre-owned piano. 

Buying a used piano from an individual or from a dealer?

I think it would be safe to say that most people who consider buying a used item assume the cheapest price will come from an individual. Whether it was from a friend, a yard sale or craigslist, I'm sure everyone at some point has gotten a really good deal buying something off an individual really cheap.  And for certain items you can't hardly go wrong. Items like media (books, cds, dvds), clothes or furniture have few functioning parts and it's pretty easy to tell if they are in good condition or not. But items like cars, interactive electronics (such as computers) or musical instruments (such as pianos) can have a higher risk of getting an item that doesn't work properly. Items such as these have mechanical elements that a person must operate during use. Some times testing an item before purchase can reveal problems and some times it doesn't. Some problems can surface later under normal operating conditions. In these cases the "cheapest" prices does equal the "best." price.

Are you wanting a musical instrument or a piece of furniture?

A piano is an instrument (tool) that is used to make music. You press keys that move hammers that hit strings that are tuned to a specific pitch to create music. The piano has a lot of mechanical components that must work properly for this to happen. If any of the components don't work properly the piano becomes just another piece of furniture to sit pictures and flowers on. Any piano on craigslist would do just fine as a piece of furniture. But If you are serious about making music with the piano you will need an instrument that works properly.

How can you tell if a piano is working properly?

If you know how to play piano you can simply test it before purchase and get a general idea of the condition. If you don't know how to play, a person can research "how to" information on buying a used piano and possibly learn enough to test certain aspects to see if it functions or not. But even D.I.Y. advice recommends the use of a trained professional such as a tuner/technician somewhere along the process to evaluate the quality of the instrument.

FYI about seeking advice from piano players vs piano tuners.

It's common to see someone who doesn't play to ask someone who does to test a piano for them. This is a good option if you have it available to test the general condition of the piano but I will warn you about a few things I have seen when this happens.

There is a saying "ask 10 different people you'll get 10 different answers". This is especially true with musicians. Their answers are opinions based on their preferences. How a piano sounds and feels to one player can be very different to another. They can certainly offer their opinion as to whether they like a certain piano or not but only a Tuner/Technician has the technical skills to judge the mechanical aspects of the piano.  They have the advantage of servicing hundreds of pianos a year so they become familiar with the mechanical quality of many different makes and models.

This next piece of advice goes for all used musical instruments not just pianos. Be weary of any opinion that says one particular brand is the best. People love to spend other's people money and will often recommend what they perceive to be the best. The problem is that the perception is usually based on the aggressive marketing that company has done to get their name out there more than the others. These companies charge more for their instruments but their "name" doesn't guarantee that their used instrument will be in any better working condition than anyone else. All used instruments must be considered on a case by case basis for playing condition regardless of brand. The Pierce Piano Atlas is a book about 1" thick and full of piano brands that, in proper working condition, are just as good as the few heavily advertised conspicuous consumption brands that are generally considered the "best".

How much is your time worth and how much are you really $aving?

So let's say you spend time learning the 'how to's' about buying a used piano. You spend many months 'looking' for that perfect deal. You spend time searching for service people like tuners and movers. Then finally you find what you feel is the 'best deal'. It's a piano in "good condition" but needs to be tuned.

  • So you have the price of the piano. A = piano.
  • You have the price of the tuner. B = tuner.
  • Are you going to move the piano yourself and risk harm to you and your property? or are you going to hire movers? C = risk/movers.

So, even if you don't factor in all the "time" you spend on the purchase, when we start adding A+B+C,  you may not be getting the "best deal" after all?

The Best Deal

When you purchase a used piano from a dealer like us, we take all the guess work and risk out of purchasing a used piano. Our technician received his training from the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) and the pre-owned pianos we sell have been thoroughly serviced and tuned to the standards the PTG puts forth. We guarantee the mechanical components are in proper working condition and our prices include free local routine delivery. We've been doing this for over 40 years and wouldn't still be in business if we were offering "bad deals" on used pianos.


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