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We sell computer interfaces, midi controllers, microphones, headphones and related accessories.

Singing in the shower...literally

Ask anybody who has ever done any home recording and they will tell you that a bathroom can serve as a good make shift recording booth. In the past you had to rent high dollar studios to make quality recordings but today you can record your music from the comfort of your home. However, we don't want to give the impression that these devices are miracle workers because engineering and producing recordings is as much an art as playing a piano or guitar...but if you have the ability to use these devices can make professional sounding recordings with them.

Surf the net, balance your check book and make hit songs!

If you have a computer you've got a start to turning your home into a recording studio. Now, all you need is an interface to get sound into the computer. A computer audio interface is a device that allows you to input microphones, guitars, keyboards or any other sound into the computer. A computer program, often called D.A.W. software which stands for Digital Audio Workstation, records the sounds into your computer. Most interfaces come with a lite version of a D.A.W. program to get you started. I want to be realistic here, D.A.W. software can be quite complicated at first and it's not like Guitar Hero where you can be a rock star in 15 takes some time to learn but it is a very powerful recording tool once you learn how to operate it.

Computers not your thing? Your not alone.

Digital Recorders are more musician friendly. These devices can be as simple as plugging in your mic or instrument, hit the record button and start playing and singing. Depending on the model, you can record multiple tracks of audio, usually between 4 to 16, so that you can have fully orchestrated recordings including pianos, guitars, vocals, drum tracks or anything else you want to record. And even though ease of use is the main focus of these machines, they still include all the advance features you'd find in a D.A.W. program should you need them.

And did i mention? Your not alone.

We offer services for a fee to assist you with:

  • configuring your computer for audio interfaces and D.A.W. software
  • using a digital recorder.

We sell computer interfaces.

We sell monitors and headphones.