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At Valley Piano we sell more than just new instruments. We also sell pre-owned instruments. But we don't feel like it's fair to call these instruments "used" because that term can sometimes have a negative connotation. An older, well maintained, wood instrument can have just as good a tone as a new one and in some instances it could be argued that the tone of an aged instrument can be better. So instead of calling them "used" we separate our pre-owned instruments into categories: Like New, Previously Loved, Aged Well and Rehabbed.


"Like New" instruments are instruments that are basically new instruments . They usually are no more than a few years old and haven't been played enough to show wear. These instruments are excellent buys for someone who is wanting the quality of a new instrument but the price break of used merchandise. Since they have technically been owned before there is no manufacture warranty so the price is significantly lower to compensate. A few common reasons why an instrument may be in "Like New" condition is that a person bought the instrument to learn how to play but lost interest or, in some cases and especially pianos, the instrument was simply home decor for the owner. 


Musical Instruments are often more than just possessions. Many owners get a great sense of pride out of them. It's hard to view these objects as simply being owned by someone. They have been loved by someone. "Previously Loved" instruments are ones that have parted ways with their home for various reasons. In 'instrument years' they are typically considered middle age so their woods are settled which makes their tone distinctive. They have been well cared for and are in good working condition. They tend to be moderately priced and ready to bring many years of joy and happiness to a new home.


Have you been surprised to find out the age of someone who was a lot older than what their physical appearance or condition lead you to believe? "Aged Well" instruments are usually instruments that are no longer in their prime but still have plenty of music to make. On the surface they may have some wear & tear but in their heart they still have a beautiful tone and feel. They are great beginner or practice instruments for someone learning to play or a hobby instrument for a person who plays for their own enjoyment. These instruments are a good option when a newer one may not be possible due to limited funds.


Has there ever been a run down house that you drove by on a regular basis, that you really didn't pay much attention to, until one day someone fixed it up and you were amazed with how well it turned out?  "Rehabbed" instruments are ones that have not been fully appreciated for the wonderful instrument they are. We have taken these instruments in and provided the appropriate "care" needed to get them back and functioning as productive members of the musical community :)


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